Movies will soon be available in virtual reality (VR) and it will allow you to watch it in 360 degree with the ability to step into the movie and be part of it not just watch it.

First came sound, then color, then 3D—now virtual reality (VR) is lining itself up to be the next major innovation in filmmaking.

Watching a movie in VR allows you to view a movie theater size screen in your living room. If the film is 360 degree you can step into the movie and be part of it not just watch it.

Unlike conventional animation, motion-capture experienced in VR injects a stronger dose of realism by making viewers feel like they are actually in the movie.

Virtualreality (VR) technology creates new opportunities for storytelling. Cinema operators IMAX, ODEON, and UCI Cinemas Group plan to open a virtual reality center at a movie theater in the United Kingdom.

Virtual reality environment can be captured using 360° stereoscopic spherical video and 360×360 surround sound from professional VR video cameras. The users can emerge in the virtual reality environment using head-mounted displays.

Warrior9 is Singapore‐based video and VR production house developing what it calls the first animated science-fiction VR series. Called ‘The PhoenIX,’ the show is set in space and employs a range of technologies such as motion-capture, the process of incorporating human movement into a three-dimensional model, to document mankind’s race for survival against an unknown enemy.

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