‘EVELO’ electric bicycle that can ride upto 25 miles per hour

EVELO bikes don’t look much different from a typical bike. An electric bicycle is essentially a regular bicycle equipped with an electric motor designed to make the ride more enjoyable.

It gives you an unlimited gear range controlled by the turn of a dial, and lets you change gears while you’re stopped. EVELO’s mid-drive system uses your bike’s gears, so the motor works with you – not against you. With a top speed of 20 miles per hour and unparalleled hill-climbing ability, you’ll be able to climb 30 degree inclines like you were cruising on the beach.

Every EVELO comes with SmartAssist, our onboard computer system, which allows you to adjust the level of electrical assistance you get from the motor based on your riding style. Also, track your speed and distance with the integrated speedometer.

It has quick braking ability. Integration with the electrical system to cut off the motor when the brakes are engaged ensures that you will always remain in complete control of your bike.

Most can operate in three modes:

1. Pedal-Only – The bike is ridden just like a regular bicycle, powered by the rider.

2. Pedal-Assist – The onboard computer activates the motor only when the pedals are turning in order to assist the rider. This mode makes it easier to pedal up hills and against the wind or go faster on flat ground. The rider can control the level of assistance received from the motor by adjusting the level on the display mounted on the handlebars.

3. Electric-Only (also known as “Throttle-Only” or “Twist and Go”) – The rider simply twists the throttle in order to engage the motor and start moving (similar to the operation of a moped). No pedaling is needed when using the bike in this mode, making it great for taking a break without necessarily having to stop traveling.

EVELO Electric Bikes are limited by law to a maximum motor-assisted speed of 20 miles per hour on the roads. You can still bike faster than that, but the motor will no longer provide assistance when your speed exceeds 20 miles per hour. The Super-Charged 500W Motor Upgrade option on the Aries and Aurora models does provide an off-road-only setting that can help increase your maximum speed up to 25 miles per hour.

EVELO electric bikes offer an estimated range of 40 miles per charge in Pedal-Assist mode or 20 miles in Electric-Only (throttle-only) mode with our Standard Battery.

Aries and Aurora models can also be upgraded to our Extended-Range Battery option that offers 50% more range – up to 60 miles per charge in Pedal-Assist mode or 30 miles in Electric-Only (throttle-only).

EVELO bikes don’t look much different from a typical bike, to achieve this design, most of the wiring is inside the frame and the battery is into the rear rack (while keeping it completely functional) while the motor is into the bottom bracket. As a result most people do not recognize that these are electric bicycles unless you tell them.

EVELO can recharge to full capacity within 4-6 hours. The battery is easily removed to be charged at any electric outlet. It also has a USB charge port to charge your phone or GPS.


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