Estream is a personal hydroelectric generator for charging your gadgets.

Estream is a personal hydroelectric generator for charging your gadgets. The Estream portable generator is powered by, arguably, the most reliable natural resource on the planet: running water.

Small, compact, and easy to use, this device is like carrying a portable hydroelectric plant in your backpack.

Bring your own power plant : Estream converts any type of moving water into stored energy to charge every usb-connected mobile devices.

Estream is a portable power turbine, which uses the stream of flowing rivers to generate energy. It is the successor of Enomad, a technology that first made its appearance earlier this year. Enomad did not make it to the market, but it served as a brilliant learning and experimental example, which set the solid base for the new-and improved portable hydro-power turbine Estream.

The new gadget is made of polycarbonate and ABS. It can fold into a relatively compact shape and size, with dimensions of 24.5 x 6.5 cm (9.7 x 2.5 in), and weight of only 800g (1.8lb). The blades of the turbine have 21cm (8.3 in) diameter, which is roughly the size of a human palm.

The device can generate up to 5 W of power, depending on the stream force. The energy storage pack that goes with the turbine is essentially a standard Li-ion battery. It has a capacity of 6,400 mAh, which should be sufficient to charge a regular iPhone 6 three times, or charge three devices simultaneously. The battery takes about 4.5 hrs to charge from flowing water, but it can also be helped a bit via an USB port. Last but not least, Estream can also be attached to a boat, and make use of the artificially created water movement to produce power.

Estream can also serve as a light source. Because it is water resistant, it can be even used underwater.

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