Cosmic Watch app changes how you view time, by moving beyond hours, minutes and seconds to reveal your position in the cosmos and relate that position to the movement of celestial bodies

More often than not, time is merely a metric for setting schedules. But a new app aims to change how you view time, by moving beyond hours, minutes and seconds to reveal your position in the cosmos and relate that position to the movement of celestial bodies.

The app, named the Cosmic Watch, can tell you what the solar system was like when you were born, or set the scene for the next solar eclipse.

COSMIC WATCH is two in one: a world clock and an astronomical clock. The celestial watch is based on a beautifully designed 3D model of the solar system

The Cosmic Watch app shows the local time at every location worldwide – just touch the place on the depicted globe to indicate the time.

The Cosmic Watch is an interactive 3D tool. You can use it as a realtime worldclock, time travel machine, an astrolab, an antikythera mechanism, an orrey, an armillary sphere, or an astral-chart generator.

The unique thing about the clock face is it’s ecliptic view around the planet. The complex mechanism of telling time is at the touch of your hands with the Cosmic Watch App.

The astronomical study of measuring time has been pursued for thousands of years by all major cultures. To know the seasons was of crucial importance for being able to plant and harvest crops in the right moment. Ancient cultures were able to understand the motion of the celestial bodies moving across the night sky and the earth revolving orbiting around the sun in one year, even the complex motion of the moon was decoded making it possible to predict eclipses already in the years BC. The motion of planets remained a mystery for hundreds of years until the heliocentric view made it possible to understand gravity and to calculate the orbits of the wandering stars.

The 3D and interactive Cosmic Watch App is a playful tool to experience the interaction between the celestial bodies and our local time here on earth. It reconnects you to the rhythm of the Cosmos and It’s a realtime worldclock, a antikyra mechanism, a orrery, a armillary sphere, a time travel machine, astral-chart generator and a astrolab combined. 
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The Cosmic Watch remembers you that time is something absolutely beautiful, fascinating and magic. This reconnection or remembrance has a powerful impact on humans as we can confirm with our personal experience and many who have seen the Cosmic Watch so far. The experience of time on such a level leads sooner or later automatically to the important realization which is that every moment is unique in the entire universe and in the entire eternity and it’s this moment when you are in power to define your future. Once you have made this realization you will develop a natural motivation to upgrade your skill to experiencing the NOW. This will lead you to become more aware and sensible and in our opinion this is the most important thing for humanity to happen. The Cosmic Watch is a powerful tool to accelerate this process because it is a beautiful intuitive and highly visual inspiration with the daily conflict of time management. 
Starting with the alarm clock in the morning everyday we consider our clocks several times. Each of this moments can become a conscious moment of reconnection or remembrance of the grand stellar ballet we are living in. Also Anniversaries and New Years are moments to become aware that we made one more round around the sun and travelled 940 mio Km in Space since the last time we celebrated.


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