NEO Smart Jar, created by Toronto-based SKE Labs, is a smart container that helps people better understand what’s in their pantries. Using Bluetooth technology and ‘ultra-responsive sensors’, the sleek jar tracks the weight and nutritional content of food being stored, and knows just how long ingredients will last before going bad.

Forget about having to make last minute grocery store runs NEO lets you know when you’re running low on supplies, and even gives you recipe suggestions based on all ingredients stored within your NEO system. And if you need to replenish something, NEO helps you stock your shelves via online shopping.


It does all of this through the supporting smartphone app, which can be used to access the online service, visualize your kitchen arsenal, and even manage your historical and real-time dietary information. This way you can know how much carbs, fats, and proteins you’re actually saving to eat later.

the world’s first truly smart container.  Built with Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors it lets you track nutrition, syncs with fitness devices, gets recipes and gives you total control of your kitchen.

Know What You Have Have What You Want

Once food is in Neo Jars, you know exactly what you have and can access that information anywhere. “Wondering what to make for dinner?” Neo’s recipe app suggests recipes based on items you already have and adjusts the recipe to be just right for the number of people you are serving.

With all the technology around, it feels the kitchen is still stuck in time, there is so much we can innovate in this space. Future smart homes will have kitchens that are intelligent and intuitive. They enable personalized interaction and real-time insight in everything from food and fitness to grocery shopping. Netflix for example, remembers everything you have watched in its history. There is nothing in the kitchen that remembers what you have been eating. A smart kitchen will have a fridge that knows who you are and what you like, kitchenware will keep track of intake and storage containers will alert you to freshness. Technology will help us eat better, waste less and make the right choices in simple, easy ways.

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